Meet Our Founder Wendy Ramirez


 I am offering my services with the intention to empower a community of Latino Leaders to feel confident speaking Spanish. Many of us grew up with Spanish as our first language but we don’t feel comfortable speaking Spanish at a professional level. Some of us have Latin-American heritage but our families have been in the US for generations and because of discrimination they did not pass down Spanish to their children. Whatever level you consider your Spanish to be, the truth is that language is something that connects us to our culture and opens up professional and personal opportunities that help us step into our leadership.

I have gone through my own journey to feel comfortable speaking Spanish professionally and for business and would love to share what I have learned with you. I invite you to join me in a safe and fun space to share resources, experiences, ask questions and support one another to reclaim Spanish as Latino Professionals in the US. Let’s work together to explore and reconnect with our Language and Culture.

Jackie in Peru

Meet Our Creative and Communications Director

Jackie Rodriguez is helping build this beautiful community, improving her own Spanish and bringing her creativity to Spanish Sin Pena. She enjoys creating content, designing beautiful images and sharing resources that promote her community and culture. What she loves most is sharing the Spanish Sin Pena mission and story with everyone she meets.