Spanish Sin Pena Leadership Academy Program

·       Enrollment now closed. Will be accepting applications in 2020.

·        Scholarship Opportunities

·         6 months to learn and up-level your Spanish

·         Tailored to your interest and goals

·         Group coaching included

·         Fun and relevant lessons

·         Access to an online library of resources

·         Join a community of learners and leaders

·         Learn regional differences and accents from across Latin America

·         Convenient online classes

·         Priority registration for international cultural trips

VIP Private Spanish Coaching

·         6 hours to prepare you for interviews, speeches, or any other life event

·         Tailored to your specific event and needs

·         In person or online based on your needs

We offer VIP one on one coaching to help you prepare for any life event where you need to communicate in Spanish. Schedule a free 30 minute private lesson to book your VIP private Spanish Coaching.